Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cheyenne mountain

Posting from a bunker after discreet meeting with 911.   It is amazing when the two smartest people in the U.S. get together.   But there really is an urgent need to inform the public.    Seems as though Al Gore has unleashed some of his polar bear sperm taking scientists on a mission to create what can only be known as the uberlibtard.   They are trying to take the most disgusting features of the most prominent tards and fuse them into an ubertard capable of defeating all rational thinking
I have obtained a list of parts.

Diane Feinstein.  Left testicle
Nancy Pelosi.   Right testicle and  microcephalic brain that repeats "it's for the children."
Chris Matthews's    Legs.  They have the ability to super tingle when the great leader speaks
Rachel maddow's   Man hands super grip
Obama. Enormous Ears to listen in on opposition and supervision eyes that can read TelePrompTer at 100 yards
Harry Reid's   High girly voice and vagina hole.   They were going to use his penis but he didn't have one   Also hermaphrodite will appeal to lgbt crowd
Al gore.   Voice.  Slow drawl  entrances enviro lib tards into a frenzy.  
Hillary Clinton  taint.
Michael Moore.     Abdomen.   Absorbs any frontal attack and repels all women.
Ted Kennedy's.  Liver.   Kept in a jar on marthas vineyard    Must have powers to have left him in senate that long
Matt Damon's brain.    He won't miss it.  Spewing nonsensical pseudo intellectual crap 24/7
Michael bloomberg    Mouth and butthole as both can simultaneously spew shit in all directions.

God save us if this creature is actually made.

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  1. Still laughing at this, because it's SOOOOO TRUE! Awesome!