Monday, July 20, 2009

An Interesting Phone Call

Was tuning through the am dial today when I heard... "Bronchoscopy", and "Bow-ties". It was Rush Limbaugh interviewing a Pulmonologist. The gist? If physicians are forced, as a result of Obama-care, to take orders about treatments, procedures, and medicines from people on the other end of the phone, buried in some building hundreds of miles away, many of us will quit. Here's the link if you can get into the site, but I think I summarized it pretty well.


  1. I did it. I resigned. I got called to the Nurse Manager's office for bullshit and I just respectfully told her I cannot do the job she wants. The job she wants is a perfect record keeper. I would rather take care of patients. But I don't do that anymore. I am a data entry operator that dresses in scrubs. Fortunately I knew this day was coming and I have made some preparations. Since you guys are always talking about doing something else and resigning, I thought you would be entertained. It has been 10 years. And it has not gotten better. Some things have but many have not. I wonder if they need help at Walmart?

  2. Pinky: Maybe start a blog for people to post about why they are walking away from their jobs as health providers? Might get a little advertising money on the side that way.

  3. Way to go, Pinky. Recently, I did the same. My Bp has since dropped 20 points both systolic and diastolic. Reading these blogs have proven very therapeutic in the meanwhile.... best wishes in future plans and my best regards in no longer selling your soul!
    sincerely, nurse turk

  4. The doc Rush interviewed sounds a lot like us. Everything he said, we've been saying for months! He's especially right about the "bow-tie" docs being the ones who support this type of reform since they are the ones who either don't practice clinical medicine, or are isolated by layers of residents. They're the ones the Dems are listening to.

    I keep saying that these sentiments are widespread in the medical profession. I wish more docs were as vocal.

    More power to you Pinky!


  5. And Howcome the Surgeon General never sees any Patients??? Even if she only saw 5/day that'd work out to 1200/yr...every little bit helps...Hell, I saw 42 in a 12 hr shift last week, and I'm effin slo as molasses...

  6. Frank,

    42 in 12. That's pretty good. Now with the clinic I am changing my mindset to " 42, that's great" from the ED " aw hell, 42". I actually enjoy the clinic, but can tell you that if we start to be affected by the high school dropout gov't workers, we will stop seeing all gov't insurance. The private guys are sometimes hard to work with, but at least you can call and talk with someone.

  7. thanks for your show of support. I am selling stained glass at a farmer's market. It is a hell of a lot of less money but I feel so much better.