Friday, April 05, 2013

Welcome to the Bungle

Why is THIS happening? And THIS?

I'm going to tell you, in part, why.

Whether by devious plan, or by sheer incompetence, it is now easier to live a life of relative ease on disability, than to work. It is certainly EASIER to do the disability shuffle than it ever has been before. Don't believe me?

I currently work for the DOD. I see active-duty service-members and their dependents. At the same time that it is becoming very difficult to get appropriate specialty care for our service-members that need it, it is increasingly EASY to be discharged from the service for medical reasons.

After all, the services are 'drawing down' anticipating that with Afghanistan 'ending' in 2014 there will be less need for a large military (North Korea and Iran are sure to come around, right?).

Here is a chart of disability payments for veterans.

If you are diagnosed with PTSD you get a 50% rating. Fair enough. But how exactly do you have PTSD without ever deploying and seeing combat? Also, if you DO have it from being yelled at, or from having to work long hours and carry a heavy backpack (or fire a scary rifle), how, exactly, is this something the military did to you, and not an inherent weakness in your character? Why should the rest of us pay for this? I digress.

Hysterectomy. 30%. What the hell? Explain this one to me. How does your military service have anything at all to do with your need for a hysterectomy? How are you disabled from this? And if the answer is that "it is the law that medical problems occuring while on service are automatically considered to be 'service related' " then the law is asinine.

And for those so inclined, how hard would it be, exactly, with providers with, shall we say, less than stellar training and motivation, to fake THIS?

Answer. Not hard. Ridiculously easy.

And how, exactly, is Obstructive Sleep Apnea either contagious OR a hazard of military service? If anything, keeping in good shape will DELAY the onset of OSA for most individuals. But OSA gives you  a 50% rating.

How many 21 year-olds come in requesting a sleep study? Answer, one or two a week. Just to ME. Freaking 21 year-old men and women. God help us.

Prognosis? Grave.

It's not so much the fact that they are actively engaged in deceit, it's the fact that they seem wholly un-bothered by this.

Just waved good-bye to a med-tech who informed me, without apparent embarrassment, that he was going to get on unemployment right away because he was sick of his job, and needs to study for the MCATs (so that he can get into medical school and go into psychiatry). Classic. We are, more and more, a nation of layabouts, and the military is creating more every day.

God help us.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cheyenne mountain

Posting from a bunker after discreet meeting with 911.   It is amazing when the two smartest people in the U.S. get together.   But there really is an urgent need to inform the public.    Seems as though Al Gore has unleashed some of his polar bear sperm taking scientists on a mission to create what can only be known as the uberlibtard.   They are trying to take the most disgusting features of the most prominent tards and fuse them into an ubertard capable of defeating all rational thinking
I have obtained a list of parts.

Diane Feinstein.  Left testicle
Nancy Pelosi.   Right testicle and  microcephalic brain that repeats "it's for the children."
Chris Matthews's    Legs.  They have the ability to super tingle when the great leader speaks
Rachel maddow's   Man hands super grip
Obama. Enormous Ears to listen in on opposition and supervision eyes that can read TelePrompTer at 100 yards
Harry Reid's   High girly voice and vagina hole.   They were going to use his penis but he didn't have one   Also hermaphrodite will appeal to lgbt crowd
Al gore.   Voice.  Slow drawl  entrances enviro lib tards into a frenzy.  
Hillary Clinton  taint.
Michael Moore.     Abdomen.   Absorbs any frontal attack and repels all women.
Ted Kennedy's.  Liver.   Kept in a jar on marthas vineyard    Must have powers to have left him in senate that long
Matt Damon's brain.    He won't miss it.  Spewing nonsensical pseudo intellectual crap 24/7
Michael bloomberg    Mouth and butthole as both can simultaneously spew shit in all directions.

God save us if this creature is actually made.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Health Tip

Like many Americans,  you may have occasional bloating or constipation.   Activia, prunes, or even Miralax haven't helped clear the estimated 6 lbs. of waste in your colon.   Tonight provides the perfect opportunity to cleanse your colon and purge the waste.   Take your laptop, and sit on the commode to stream the president's state of the union speech.   Be forewarned, there may be some cramping and sweating so tell the family not to be alarmed, but if you are a  critical thinking person who knows a little about history and economics, are concerned about the country, and not just when your check will arrive, or what time the abortion clinic opens, or when your partner will be back from the courthouse with your marriage certificate, then I assure you this will be explosive.  It is involuntary and you will shit like a caged animal.   The first movement will be when he tells you we are on the right path.   The second will be when he tells you it will take a while to clean up this mess he inherited (can you really inherit a mess you made?)   The third will be when he tells you non citizens have a right to the free stuff just like all the other people that voted for him, and he doesn't care how much debt he has to accumulate to give it to them.  The final explosion will be when he says we just need to do a little more;  more money for those shovel ready jobs,  solar panel companies and battery companies we can sell to China.   We just haven't done enough,  and we just need to remove a little more cash from the productive private sector to jump start this economy with non productive, non producing crap hole projects.   History be damned. No matter that Hoover and then Roosevelt extended the Depression 6-7 years longer than necessary with make work projects, regulations, subsidies, a war on the private sector,  and handouts, with unemployment averaging 18-20 per cent throughout the 30s.   I guess then it would have been a fireside chat that got the bowels moving in that day and age, but I think most people were either stupid or duped and just retained their feces.    Or that the trillions spent trying to fulfill Johnson's "war on poverty"  has left us with a higher percentage in poverty now than in 1963.  Screw that.  Those guys just didn't know what they were doing.  Regardless of the exact content of the speech, I assure you that tomorrow morning I will have a colon you could eat off of.   Libtards can use this time alone with the community activist in chief to masturbate themselves into a socialist frenzy.   Either way take some extra toilet paper.  

Friday, January 11, 2013

Honest Anonymous, Adieu.

Due to **%&^-stick spammers, anonymous comments are no longer enabled.

Sorry Frank and SCRN, but it's twenty spam comments a day and I haven't posted In a while.

Love what our President is doing though. He rocks. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Attention Parents

Given that our Republic was founded on indivdualistic principles and given that, in theory, we are a meritocracy, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here it is.

Tell junior to put down the books, put down the violin, and pick up the basketball, football, soccer ball, or baseball. Get your kids on a travel team early. Get them a personal trainer (dance teams and cheerleader camp if they are not completey hopeless on the field or court). If they fail then coaching pays well and remains a meritocracy.

Alternatively, you may want to model your child's upbringing thusly, or encourage him to pick up the electric guitar at an early age so that he or she may follow in the very deep footprints of Mr. Levine. Of course if you do this they will inevitably end up as brain-dead leftists, but they will not want for money.

This is what remains of our meritocracy.

Not to worry, if you choose to raise your children to work hard, study hard, get good grades, and become 'professionals', he or she may luck into a government job such as I have now, where my pay is fixed, but in my government clinic there are many days like today where we keep  losing electical power and have to reboot our computers each time (making it impossible to see patients). I still get paid, so there is that. AND I have time to write a post like this.

But by no means allow them to go into medicine, at least not on the provider side. If they like medicine have them go into medical administration... those jobs will be plentiful, will pay more than provider jobs, and can be obtained with a two-year degree. The pursuit of mediocrity is made more bearable by alcohol, so you may want to introduce them to this early and often. FOREWARD!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Just wanted to say congrats to all the libtards out there on your great victory.  As a small business owner (yes, jackasses, I did build that) and health care provider, you took it upon yourselves to re-elect a socialist who wants to take everything i've earned and control my livelihood.   Especially want to give a shout-out to those single issue female voters.  Your fear that someone was going to stop you from sucking the fetus out of your vagina hole (that last appletini before some random frat dude knocked you up sure was tasty) has relegated any kids you do have to a life of abject poverty and reliance on government.  Choke down a few free birth control pills and that wont happen again.  (Of note I purchased a special shredder for applicants to the company who list "women's studies" as a major.  It makes a beautiful "whirring" sound.)  The good news is I no longer have to contribute to any charities, as all distributions will come from a 10 square mile cesspool on the Potomac.   There are a few iffy ones I may consider (you know, those scary ones with some religious message), but in their envelope I now send back the following:

Dear Sirs,

In light of recent events my disposable income will be dropping precipitously.  I believe your cause may be just, but you may be better off looking to the government for a handout.  If they refuse and you can provide me with signed affidavits of the chairman and a majority of the board of directors as to who you voted for, and the amount of government subsidy received over the past 4 years,  I will consider you an organization worthy of a portion of my meager remaining income.


Someone Who Did Build It

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

O-Care Incoming

Open post.

Docs, let me know what your plans are regarding O-care. Use the comment section below. Tell me what you do now and tell me what you are planning to do differently (if anything) when Ocare hits.

Look forward to your responses.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sideline Money, Sideline Docs.

Talk to an investment guy, talk to a real estate gal, talk to a banker and you will hear that there's scads of money 'on the sidelines' pending the election. Conventional wisdom amongst most of the money folks is that a Romney win will be a quick and clear signal for people to invest again in the private sector. I hope it's true. It feels true.

But there is something no one is talking about, and that's the 'sideline doctors'. Every single physician in this country is watching this election with keen interest. For many it will be the deciding factor in whether they practice to retirement or they retire early and cut back on work  (under Obamacare).

Academic physicians are the only ones I have met who are consistently FOR Obamacare. The ones who will be honest with me are scary statists, and I would dearly love to punch them in the nose. It is, I think, the only thing they would understand.

So just like with investments, real estate, and finance in general, medicine also has TONS of it's resources now 'on the sidelines'. Hard to plan for the future when you don't know what the rules will be. Hard to start a practice, much less build one, when you aren't sure what Obamacare will mean to your bottom line. Hard to commit to the hardest profession in the world when it might mean that you work for a government flunkie (with a G.E.D.) reading from a manual, and lecturing you about compassion and diversity. Again, punching in the face seems one's only option here and doctors are averse, as a rule, to going to re-education camps.

In all seriousness. If Romney wins and Obamacare is scrapped then I predict the following.

1. The impending doctor shortage will be averted by physicians choosing to continue practice, or return to practice. Also, applications to medical schools will boom.
2. Research and development of new treatments and drugs will take off.
3. Many who are now choosing to become Physician Assistants may reconsider and go to medical school.
4. The left will have a seizure.

Because of # 4 above and because there is a large portion (20% ?) of citizens and illegal aliens who will continue to favor beer, cigarettes, and cell phones over health insurance,  I think Romney will have to replace it with something.

But that something, while it will no doubt have it's problems, will not turn the great American health care system into the N.H.S., or Brazil.

Go Mitt

Friday, October 26, 2012


Just had to put this down on paper.  This was a revelation, similar to that which came to John.   Could have just been a spicy burrito, but it seemed so real that I woke up in a sweat and something said to write it down.

This is the revelation to S. Cat.

I found myself rowing in a rowboat on what seemed like an endless sea.  Skies were dark, and hunger pangs followed every row.   In the distance I see a large, shining, golden ship with the skies opened above it.   I rowed faster and faster and finally reached the beacon.   The ship was called America, and as I got closer the gold was wearing off in many places and in others was being covered over with spray paint by two men with overalls that said "guvment wurkers".   I climbed aboard up a steep ladder.  
Reaching the top deck of the America I am overcome with the smell of pot, patchouli, and feces.  Smelly people are relaxing and "occupying" much of the front of the ship, while periodically someone with the aforementioned overalls comes by with a cart of granola bars, clean needles and condoms.

After nearly passing out, I moved further onto the bridge.  A huge golden box labeled "goodies" with an eagle on the top sits at the center of the deck with guards and a lock.  It seems this box is periodically opened, but only after an amount of begging and a promise of allegiance to the captain.   

To my left off port side is a large hot tub.  There seem to be laughing kids and one older gentleman, whom they call Uncle Barney, but I heard a man with sunglasses refer to him congressman Frank.  Suddenly I saw bubbles in the center of the tub and out from under the water came two gentlemen who were hi -fiving each other and Uncle barney.  The one they called Bill-mar said to the one called John S, "ha, and you said on your comedy show I couldn't smoke Barney's hog for 3 minutes underwater.  Where's my 5 dollars.  I would have done it for free ya know."  

After vomiting in my mouth, I moved towards the bow, where a scene of sheer horror was occurring.  Blood and screeching were seen and heard where the free abortion clinic was set up in a tent.  "Nancy, I love doing these.  It is their right but I just love it!" said the older plastic appearing lady.  A frightened young girl with a Planned Parenthood flier told me her name was  Barbara the Boxer, or something like that.  

In the center of the deck was the captains quarters.  I had noticed from the moment I got on the boat that  it had been listing to the left and we were turning left.  In addition,  ships that I saw way off on the horizon were now getting closer.   Standing at the window was a mocha appearing man, whose behavior, cadence, seemed to change depending on who walked in.  There seemed to be a parade of mob bosses, Black Panthers, guilt ridden white people, and CEOs whose pockets were bulging when they left the quarters.    Standing behind him was somewhat of a clownish character with white hair, licking an ice cream cone and hitting a paddle ball.  The man at the wheel, whose name I learned was Barack,  just kept saying "settle down, Joe, we'll be there soon".

The wheel house was directly adjacent  to the captains quarters, and in it there were 3 or 4 snot nosed college kids struggling hard to turn the gigantic wheel to the left.   Chants of "yes we can" and "Obama" kept emanating from their mouths like  zombies  asking for more brains.    I could tell the ship was listing hard to the left, and yelled at them to straighten the course, but my reasoning fell on deaf and brainwashed ears.   Not only that, the cries of "Allah Akbar" could now clearly be heard from men on the ships that were on the horizon but were now very close.  

I hurried down the stairs.  The patrons on the lower levels we hard at work shoveling coal into the beast of the engines.  These were people who, despite what was going on up on the deck, continued to use their resources and talents to keep the ship afloat.   But as the ship continued to list more and more I witnessed a mass exodus from the ship to  the lifeboats.  The persons responsible for making the ship move were leaving, taking their coal with them.  I knew then it was time for me to leave as well.

As I boarded a life boat I, I saw a mad scramble on the deck.  "I was afraid they would catch on eventually.  We'll, for the others it is too late.  This one's for you dad, she's going down..." said the mocha man leader, then suddenly. POW!  A huge explosion tore open the side of the ship, planted by one of the foreigners.  Everyone on the upper deck was either too stupid, stoned, or self loathing, because they didn't seem to care that this mighty ship was going down.  They just stood behind the golden box, which, during the explosion, had come open.  With the bow now rising high in the water the scene resembled an adult birthday party with a huge golden pinata  spilling food stamps, birth control pills, disability rating cards, social security cards and many freebies I didn't even recognize.  What a horrible scene to watch as the ship sank slowly under the water.

This is  the revelation to S.Cat.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Maybe It's NOT Me?

How does this play out I wonder?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scooping the New York Times

It used to be that scooping the New York Times by a few hours would make your career. Now scooping them by years means Jack-squat. It used to be that promising what you knew you couldn't deliver was political suicide. Let's hope it still is.

Who knew it took ten years to train a doctor? Who knew becoming a doctor was a daunting, expensive, and often thankless task? Who knew EMTALA and Obamacare would wreck our system? Hint!!! Not the New York Times. 

And Paul Krugman is still a pantywaist shill.