Monday, August 20, 2012

Maybe It's NOT Me?

How does this play out I wonder?


  1. Emotionally Exhausted, Cyncial, High Degree of De-Personalization??
    are you talking about me after the 2011 Auburn Tigers Football Season???
    and lets see, National Championships in 1957, 2010, means I'll the next one when I'm...hommina hommina...
    102, you know, when President Melena Obama-Sanchez declares Soccer the National Pasttime of Los Unidos Statos of Americos
    but hey, I heard that hotshot UGA QB is really lighting up the practice field...
    too bad it's in Baton Rouge...
    Whoa!!!!!!! Cheap Shot!


  2. 911
    You saw this coming some time ago! What a sad state of affairs that even with this article there are bloggers who continue to disparage doctors, their incomes...even going so far as to continue to say they are making too much $. When will people learn? They won't.

  3. 911, I always knew it wasn't you.
    It's Frank!


  4. 911
    You tend to post with increasingly less frequency. Are you busy with work or just burned out from the medical side of things in general?

    A 911 fan

  5. dear anonymous,
    i'm very busy buying guns and building the bunker. actually, i started MDOD as a means to vent and a means to get a doctor's perspective on health care out there. i think i did that for a few years. now i'm out of the game and have no desire to go back. i have no passion for medicine or, more correctly, no anger about it. it was a beautiful and magnificent profession for a long time. i have no desire to chronicle its demise. i am considering closing up shop here, but thank you for your kind comment.

  6. 911
    If you choose to do that I understand. I selfishly hope that you will let us know when you might decide not to post any longer. In my family, having had a situation much like yours, it sort of gave some hope to
    the ups and downs of all of this, but as you have so aptly noted, medicine is not what it was.

  7. Hey Homo's,
    Same thang happened with my blog,
    You remember, "Frankie's Hideout" with the "Ted Kennedy Countdown Clock"(I was off by 4 months), Star Trek TOS episode reviews, and random photos of my wife's shoes,
    Late nite,feeling lucky, Mrs. Drackman slinks up to the waterbed...(YES I have a waterbed)...
    only to find me furiously typing the review to a 1972 "Marcus Welby MD" episode...
    "My God, Man, the man Defibrillates without shouting "Clear!" first, doesn't he know thats an automatic "Fail" on ACLS???
    "You can have Me or your blog! not both" She schreeched...
    and she didn't even appreciate my Jack Benny-tribute" I'm Thinking about it" re-ply...
    But just as a teaser...
    Daughter #1 starts Marine Corps Officer Training Tuesday.....
    Thats right America, one of my Seed is on the Inside, probably first Bee-Otch, I mean XX Commandant 20 years from now...

    Frank "Whats that Smell?" Drackman

  8. Frank
    Congrats to your daughter.....

  9. is this the end of MDOD?

    I hope not.
    I have enjoyed lurking for years....all the way to my cardiology fellowship....

  10. Richard L. Zizza, MD7:11 PM, October 22, 2012

    Where did everyone go?? (crickets....)
    I checked and read the blog every day something new was there. Hope it's not dead yet (sorry for the Monty Python). Will miss all of you if so. Thx....Z

    Richard L. Zizza, MD Land O Lakes, FL