Friday, January 11, 2013

Honest Anonymous, Adieu.

Due to **%&^-stick spammers, anonymous comments are no longer enabled.

Sorry Frank and SCRN, but it's twenty spam comments a day and I haven't posted In a while.

Love what our President is doing though. He rocks. 


  1. You love what our President is doing?
    You mean Smoking?, me too, too bad it doesn't really cause Lung Cancer.


  2. I am beside myself with all that is going on in our government and the fallout from it!!!!!!!!!

    Trying hard not to be jaded, scared and angry. Says a lot about it all considering I have always been a perky, upbeat glass half full kind of girl. My BP actually went up and face flushed when discussing politics with a LIKE MINDED friend the other day. I have never in m,y life seen a more DIVISIVE president. It's like he wants everything to fail. GOD HELP US with national security! Especially if HAGEL gets in. Russia and China are strengthening their military and reach around the world, while we continue to reduce. Strength is a deterrent and now I think they all smell blood in the water. Benghazi - so much larger than Watergate and more important - silent. The press does not do their job. They don't report all the facts and if they did o would never have been elected either time but especially this time. And the voting irregularities - and republicans do nothing to fight. I've lost faith in them to as they are all a bunch of whimps - continually on defense. They have so much to counter with and they don't.

    Sorry I digressed off health care. Now private ins premiums will triple by fall, IRS says the gov bronze care plan will cost family of 5 TWENTY thousand dollars - oh THAT will be affordable - NOT! It isn't even the best plan. Problem is those families won't qualify for the breaks poorer families do.

    So ...prior to 2010 - most people had insurance and now so many will be losing it and will cost them more for lesser quality oh and we don't get to keep their doctors... if they can afford to even go.

    There is a part in the bill that states hospitals who do LESS for elderly patients will be REWARDED! Death panel anyone?!

    I feel for providers and patients. And we have always paid into our ins - a good one that is still affordable. But we are baby boomer age and where we thought we could count on it even into retirement - God only knows.

    The ONLY thing that reassures me in any way is that I do believe God sees all and there must be some higher purpose.

    It seems like what was always considered right is now considered wrong and if you disagree with anything you are labeled a racist, ignorant, intolerant, extremist - right wing, etc. and the voting public seems so dumb and/or apathetic. We all put up with it.

    I recently heard Romney lost by 500,000.00 votes. To the people that stayed home - still think your vote doesn't matter? And if you read about those voting irregularites, votes for romney changing to Obama, heavily populated areas voted over 100% for Obama and not 1 vote for romney people being suspiciously bussed in from out of state and I could go on. WHY has no one contested? Romney just rolled over and gave up. And why the heck didn't they get tough with Hillary last week instead of wasting time hearing themselves talk. I am so on board for a conservative third party if a good leader ever arises. Politicians in Washington and the press have sold us all out.

    I will or you can - delete this if you want - just had to vent!