Monday, June 12, 2006


Had one of those days today.

At about 4 pm we had a shitstorm. My partner took a patient with an immeasurable blood pressure who was bleeding out his butt and needed to be intubated and transfused emergently.

I got tagged almost right after that for a patient who was already at our door with EMS who was coding. He was dead on arrival and we tried for a few minutes but when I saw with the ultrasound that he was truly in asystole and I also saw the 2 or three feet of garden hose that some enterprising vascular surgeon had used to connect his inferior aorta to his failed femoral arteries I decided that he had less than a zero percent chance of any meaningful recovery and I pronounced him dead.

As I was pronouncing this guy I got tagged again for a 50'ish dude having a huge anterior wall MI. He went to the cath lab within 20 minutes after all manner of meds and drips and hurried explanations of risks and benefits and likelihoods.

Then the winds died and all I had to deal with was a woman with neck pain for a month.

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