Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blame Canada!

A short film from my side of the debate is clickable below. Hey Michael Moore, I hope you have to get your penis-lengthening surgery in Cuba you idiot (he suffers from what is commonly known as 'turtle-penis').


  1. This plain scares the blood out of my liver. In keeping with this video, I just blogged about the fun going on in California with our Govornator and how he plans on paying for the universal health bill he just signed. Unbelievable. Many thanks, 911.

  2. WOW,

    At least I will be able to pay for good health care underground. You jerk off socialists that support this crap will get what you deserve and your heads would explode with the expanding tumors you have were it not for the tiny tiny brains which give the tumor room to grow.

  3. lynn,
    aside from the great weather, opportunities for all kinds of outdoor fun, beautiful scenery, great food, etc... why the hell do you live in california?

    you are correct sir. you and i will always know who to see and where to go with a little wink and a handshake.

  4. This scares the crap out of me. I had cancer, and even though I didn't have to wait long at all mine spread and I am still following up with things from 2 years ago. I would probably be dead if I had to wait. This is like a really bad joke that people think this is a good idea.

    If this happens, will you tell me the secret doctor handshake that will let me get in anyway? I'll make you cookies, and I am an awesome cook.

  5. video text summary please... my fucking work computer sucks man-ass

  6. no summary for you ETOTHEIPI, check it at home unless your wife won't let you... or whatever the **(*% she is...

  7. Lynn,
    aside from the great weather, opportunities for all kinds of outdoor fun, beautiful scenery, great food, etc... why the hell do you live in california?

    Hmmm...the weather, outdoor fun, beautiful scenery, and great food. But I have to confess to growning very weary of the socialist bent out here. My sister calls the Governator Schwartzencommie. Sounds pretty good to me.

  8. Rad Girl,
    as long as one of us breathes you are in the club. secret handshake to be communicated by DR X in special secret-handshake singing telegram. don't worry, he's on our side.

  9. Rad Girl,

    I just received this entry by encrypted sattelite phone. I will try to meet you soon to share the handshake with you. Don't worry, I know how to find you.

    I must warn you that sharing of this handshake obligates you to secrecy. The contract, is, if you will, binding.

    You will know of my imminent arrival when you notice something in your laundry room slightly out of place.

    это будет брызгом перевозчика почвы

  10. Gee, it's so nice to see well-researched arguments here, rather than anecdotes. This is certainly conclusive proof that "the" Canadian health care system is a "failure."

    You might have a look at for a slightly more balanced view.

  11. gee curt,

    thanks for that comment. boy do i have egg on my face! whether or not the clip i found in my three minutes of searching is an 'urban myth' or an 'anecdote' here's one for you.

    my aunt, a british citizen, was told at age 68 that she would receive 'medical mangagment only' for her severe coronary disease and that she should go home and do her best for the remaining year of her life.

    on a 'farewell world' trip to california to visit us she received an emergency 4 vessel coronary artery bypass graft and lived happily for another 15 years.

    that's exactly what the canadian system does. it is triage outside the hospital by delay and dodge and if you think that's a good idea then great! vote for it. as for me and my friends we have no desire to work for a larger government entity (i mean larger than it's current tentacles of hippa/medicaire/medicaid/ etc...) that absolutely controls our salaries and dictates the care we can give. and here's an 'inconvenient truth' for you.

    you can't just replace me. oh sure, you can put a body where mine used to be, but if you want the best people to be doctors you will not get 'em. yes, i'm one of the best, just ask my patients or look at my charts and outcomes. yeas, most folks who trained in ER in the states at busy hospitals are irreplaceable by FMGs or moonlighters from other specialties.

    sugeons are quitting. i am looking for something else to do that isn't so brutal on the soul, and you want the goverment to 'fix it'?

    curt, go put your head back in the bong and inhale deeply. then die a young violent death and you will never see the system that you wish for impact you directly.