Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa came early!!!

for me...I just got my ABEM re-cert score back and passed! I wonder if I'll be alive to re-cert a fourth time? How old is the oldest living, really practicing, ED doc any of you know? Not in an Ivory Tower setting, but really in the trenches??


  1. Not a 'trench guy', but the oldest fuck out there was a guy in med school I rotated with on a GI service. He was one of these old coots, probably in his mid 70s, who had been around FOREVER. We were seeing some patient and the guy says to me: "I'd bet my Dad would like to see this guy with us" (!!!!!!)

    The dad was well into his 90s and still practicing. Old people are funny.

  2. We have three docs in our practice who have been pure EM attendings solely at our practice, for 33 years.

    Longer, I might add, than some of our docs have been alive.

  3. We've got a guy in our group in his 60's who used to have to arrange his shifts around his dialysis, but since he got his kidney transplant he just has to avoid the febrile kiddos. I've never once heard the guy complain and he works his tail off. I have great respect for him.

    Farty: I know you're back in academics, so you need the board stuff, but I just got tired of it.

    3 years of paying for and taking those ridiculous LLSA exams (which seldom had anything to do with practicing emergency medicine), then they wanted me to pay for a recert exam plus the yearly CME, AND pay for the LLSA too......I just said "screw it" and jumped off the Merry Go Round.

    All anybody is interested in these days seems to be experience. Whether you're BC or BE, it doesn't seem to matter. I was tired of spending thousands without reimbursement, and my hospital still makes me take ACLS and ATLS, so what's the point?

    Most of my group is FP trained anyway, so no one here cares about EM boards. So I figured I wouldn't care either.

  4. 66 is our oldest...saw him tonight. He tore itchy nipple guy a new one.

  5. I interviewed an ER doc for my new book, and he had just celebrated his 70th b-day. I gave him a hug and congratulated him on being able to share his vast experience with all the young pups. And I also made a mental note that should I ever need ER services I'd direct the ambulance elsewhere. The man's hands shook something awful. Farty, tell me your hands don't shake...

    Oh yes, and congrats to you!

  6. But he said "tail" too..Lynn around??? :-)

  7. I remember when I started at my hospital in 1979, there was a chap in residency ...I'm not sure if it was EM or if he eventually hopped over... but he ended up in the ED. Anyway, he was well into his 40s then, and he's still down there doin' it up Level I Trauma Center style.

    As ever~ Shari Ann