Wednesday, January 16, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, the newspaper's sport's section ran an article looking back on the Dallas Cowboy's season. I thought that the headline was an excellent substutite for our "GYN ROOM" sign.
It lasted a few hours before someone finally became offended and replaced it.
As of this writing, I'm still waiting for my letter from the administration telling me how my little attempt to lighten the mood was "inappropriate".


  1. Hey guys!

    Sorry for my absence. My home computer network crashed. It's taken replacement of just about all of the wireless components to finally get it going again.

    I've been reading the posts at work, but can't log into the comment or post pages at the hospital due to some sort of firewall issues.

    I guess they are afraid that if I logged in, Etotheipi could access the CEO's million dollar salary and divert it to the construction of larger crematories or something like that.

    It's good to be back amongst the non-brain dead....except that is for the Anon who didn't understand X's bannana peel story. Every day, I see Edwards, Obama, Hillary, Gravel, and Paul on TV and think "who is possibly that stupid and gullible?" Then I read comments like Anon's and have my answer!

    Kudo's X!

    Good to be back.

  2. Welcome back doc... thought you maybe had finally on shift and gotten a bunch of haldol in the gluteus. glad it was just a hardware issue. damned jessica simpson!

  3. I had some "software problems" too......

    One of my do-gooder partners went to Bangladesh to provide Amoxiillin and Jesus to the world's poor (not necessarily in that order).

    He came home with a warm feeling in his heart and cholera in his gut.

    I was fortunate enough to contract his Bangladishi Butt Flu which turned my colon into a kidney.

    For 4 days, I was in the bathroom about every 10 minutes. I got 2 liters of IVF in the ED, but I didn't pee for 3 days. The IVF was expelled from my colon as well. An amazing infection for which I have a new respect.

    In almost 20 years of medical practice, I have missed 3 days because of illness....two of them as a result of this 3rd world enteral bio-terroristic organism.

    Between the days I was off and those that I missed due to illness, it delayed my search for computer hardware repairs by about a week.

    He may be the missionary....but I feel like I have done all of my good works for 2008 by proxy.

    Some Girl Scouts came by the house the other day selling cookies and I told them to get lost since I had done all of the good deeds I planned to perform for 2008.

    On a related note, as I sat on the porcelain altar trying not to pass out, I wondered if I died as a result of this infection if I'd get my 72 virgins. Sadly, for once, I wasn't in the mood for them. His cholera had certainly declared a Fatwa on my intestines. My fight of the infection was as close as I'll ever get to a Jihad.

    But I'm better now.............

    Allah Akbar

    P.S. (slowly for the ANONS) T h i s H a s B e e n A J o k e I n t e n d e d F o r T h e E n j o y m e n t O f P e o p l e W i t h A S e n s e O f H u m o r N o t T i e d T o T h e i r "F E E L I N G S". I f Y o u W e r e O f f e n d e d, P l e a s e G o I n t o A Q u i e t R o o m, L i g h t S o m e O z o n e S a f e I n c e n s e, C l u t c h Y o u r P h o t o O f M i c h a e l M o o r e, S l o w l y C h a n t "H I L L - A R Y", D r i n k S o m e C h a m o m i l e T e a, T a k e S o m e D e e p B r e a t h s A n d T h e n F u c k Y o u r s e l f. L a t e r, F i n d A B l o g Y o u ' r e S m a r t E n o u g h T o U n d e r s t a n d
    (S t a r t a t N I C K. C O M).

  4. ....and then erdoc85 comes back and steals my heart again.....


  5. erdoc85,

    As usual, you guys left me ROTFLMAO... See, I'm not really that sensitive after all...and your disclaimer was just as funny as the comment itself!

  6. I got one of those 'spray-paint-the-toilet' bugs travelling a few years back... I feel your pain.

  7. Why, why, why do I insist on reading MDOD with a fresh cup of coffee? I rarely ever get to drink since it usually snorts out my nose. Curse you, boys...

  8. ERDoc85...

    We saw a lot of this bug when i was in the sandbox.. saddam's revenge.. our was creative enough to make you both vomit AND autolavage your colon. it was a like a (not so epic) battle trying to figure out which end to point to the crapper... which was actually a toilet seat over a barrel of diesel fuel....

    Our best solution was 1000mg cipro with lots of IVF and some phenegran so the cipro actually remained inside long enough to get absorbed. 500mg qD till either your bowels calmed down or you could hold down food/water.

    I *heart* expeditionary medicine.

    Doc H USN

  9. erdoc85 you ROCK.. very hilarious story. :)

  10. that is so true of "our" gyn room!! to funny!!

  11. On vacation in Fiji passing by a clinic, I see a sign directing patients to the triage area. In the most beautifully skewed English it read: "For Service Please Feel(Contact?)the Nurse on the Inside."

    Shari Ann

  12. Funny, I probably would have put that sign on the endoscopy room...

  13. I used to work at the (now closed) Albertson's in Allen, north of Dallas. It was a new store, and mischief was afoot.
    The person responsible for loading the product descriptions that showed on registers and receipts changed "MANURE" to "BAG OF SHIT"
    It lasted for several days.