Sunday, May 11, 2008

Drackman Goes to Free Agency

As often happens in the world of big-money blogging, lawyers and agents have interrupted the smooth-running snark-machine known as MDOD. As a result Dr. Frank Drackman has started up his own blog here. We will miss Frank and his well travelled wit, but are sure that Frankie's Hideout will soon be well known amongst the cognoscenti as a place where one may go for a fine cocktail and some eclectic conversation. Best to you Frank, or, as they say in the Navy, "fair winds and following seas".


  1. So long Frank. It was fun while it lasted. BTW, looks like richter was circling above MDOD, just waiting for someone to spin off. Good luck with that one.

  2. Lawyers, huh? My professional advice is to stay away from them. I had better warn Frank....

  3. Fans of the Blog: We made an offer in good faith before his agent's deadline. We believed Drackman had a great future ahead of him as solid piece of the MDOD team. We believed we had a deal in place and now this out of the blue. And on Mother's Day! And he said he wasn't in it for the money!
    Well, Mother Drackman, I hope your are proud your son!
    He left his true fans for the glamour of the bright lites and the big $$. Maybe we should have seen it coming..The expensive trips to exotic places, new flat screen TV's, and a used KIA!!
    It's such a tragedy when the young go astray. He had such a bright future at MDOD.
    Now we have to Cowboy Up! We'll take a bit of a salary cap hit, it's true, but we'll scour the country, look for another bright young one. We won't just look for another pretty face, you can bet on that!
    We will use the strategy of the Immortal Tom Landry. We will draft the best Blogger on the board and not just one to fill a position...

  4. Oldy, its me, not you guys, besides even Lisa Lisa had to leave Cult Jam behind after a few albums.

  5. Its me and not you Oldie, even Lisa Lisa had to leave Cultjam after a while.

  6. Don't try and sweet talk us now, Drackman! We've seen your true colors. You know we had a deal for good money, but you chose to leave those who loved and nutured you for a few million more.
    Where's the loyalty? Where's the love? Are you in bed with OJ Mayo?What did they promise you?
    DIOS MIO, I weep and yet there are no tears. You, young Blogger, will suffer the consequences of this abandonment!
    I invoke the curse of Richter on yee!!
    My soul may ache, but
    my hands are washed..

  7. Oldfart: You're too late on the curse--Frank has apparently been pre-cursed. I know, I hate that.