Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Ado Sends Biden Into Hiding

Fear not, Mr. Vice President,
you need only touch the hem of his garment (OR wash your hands OR calculate the odds of your family being infected OR not spout-off about something of which you are ignorant... Well, maybe it would be best to just shut up all the time like you had been doing so as not to mess with the cool vibe man).

Early in the 1900s polio and flu killed Americans by the tens of thousands and we, as a country, survived and prospered in spite of it (and with great courage). We also found a cure for polio and developed the flu vaccine.

8 years ago terrorists killed 3,000 in an inferno in NYC, and we got stronger and prospered in spite of it, and with great courage. And in spite of the fervent quasi-prayers from the libs our troops have won victory on the battlefield in Iraq. Depending on the R.O.E. per our current CinC, we may also do so in Afghanistan.

What a sad, miserable state we have come to when a flu outbreak in Mexico causes our Vice President to tinkle on himself. What's Joe Biden wearing today? Depends.

Look out Usama! The media's wish fulfilment fantasy will shortly become farcical, and that may be when we save ourselves from the fatal banality pandemic which will otherwise conquer.

*I'm adding the text "100% organic swine flu cure" and "100% natural swine flu cure" and "swine flu protective mask" to find out how many new hits we get because of it and therefore whether to remain nearly hopeless or to be somewhat hopeful about our country. Also, see poll upper right.


  1. I guess I would pay $25 for a organic swine flu cure...I paid $25 for a flu shot.......I think I don't get the joke.....oh well, Biden's still ridiculous !

  2. I'll take the high road and ignore Biden (just wish I could ignore his boss as easily).

    I actually HAVE a 100% organic flu cure at home: with aspirin, OJ, chicken soup, hot steamy showers, a warm fluffy bed, and comforting old sit-com reruns on "TV Land", every case of the flu I have ever had had been cured withour incident in 10 days. It does take a week and a half if untreated, though.

    Pattie, RN

  3. Disgruntled Internist7:31 AM, May 01, 2009

    What a dumbass! Dude should have consulted some health experts before going on TV. This whole media circus about the swine flu is making me sick. We had 55 children and 25,000+ adults die of the regular-old-flu since November, and it was a mild year (last year, 88 children and 36,000+ adults died of it). Where was CNN then? I've had every hypochondriac in my practice come out of the woodwork begging me for Tamiflu "just in case." Man, just when I thought I couldn't get more disgruntled...

  4. The smothering mothering by the current Vice President make me wish for the return of Dick Cheney!

  5. Between the media, The Obama - who says it's "too late to close the borders," and Jackass Joe, there isn't enough energy to ignite a light bulb. And we want them in control of healthcare? God help us all.

  6. Remember when the Adults were in charge of the country?

    Wow was it really only 100 days ago? Yeah, them were some good times.

  7. Organics are a scam that suck balls.

    Oh and BTW, greetings from Maui.

  8. Pretty sure the pronoun in the first sentence is "His" not "his" - one of the Ten Non-Sectarian Commandments, you know.

  9. Oh? That voice in my head?

    That was just the money I could have saved without Geithener (blatantly stolen from Dennis Miller).

    Wake up, would be Docs! The Health Care cram down is coming out of a Congress, near you, and it sounds like around 2 months away (see Politico). Not just "government" insurance, now, but full single payer. Even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is up in D.C., groveling, to be allowed in.

    Heed me, Docs, as a non-Doc, you need to create a wholly separate, private, user-pays system. The government system will completely collapse and we need a legal alternative. I pay, and always have paid, all of my own medical bills, in cash. Even after 20 years in corporate insurance, I never fill out forms and always pay my own bills.

    It once took me almost 2 years to pay off all the bills, but I paid them. We must have a choice. Even my socialist brother recently had to have surgery and had to find a place that would take money. He finally found a place and there was a sign, on the door: "No Insurance Patients. No Medicare Or Medicaid Patients".

    Little secret for you doctor folks, passed on to me by the Chairman of the Board of my company, when I pitched him a project that I thought he would like. He told me, "We never work for insurance companies. Insurance companies never pay their bills".

  10. I just made an organic swine flu cure. Chicken soup.