Saturday, May 16, 2009

Would Someone Please Ask Us?

It is curious to me that even with a very conservative think tank offering their opinion on the Obama-Care debate that they do not think to ask the following question... Are the doctors going to continue to play ball? Seems like someone should ask that question.


  1. Canadian docs fled to the US to practice, when they became eligible. (Thank you, Canada!)

    Now, I see ads from Australia trying to lure US physicians there.

    The US all-free-all-the-time medical care is going to have major unintended consequences.

  2. Maybe he'll ask that Valedictorian at Notre Dame, she's Pre-Med got a 4.0, been to Cambodia where she taught the natives how to be healthy, even taught an undergraduate course in alternative medicine... Not really sure why she's goin to Med School...

  3. I've been reading this blog for some time now-very thought provoking, and I have a question. If our system of medical care changes as drastically as certain people in the government would like it to change, how is that going to affect big pharmaceutical companies and their research efforts to find new more effective drugs? it seems to me that there would be no incentive to come up with better drugs if big pharma can't make money selling the drug. What about new techniques to treat medical issues-new surgery techniques, better ways to diagnose problems early-who's going to be willing to make those techniques available to doctors if the govt. won't pay for it when patients need it? I'm wondering if medical advancement will come to an abrupt stop. And-what about extremely rare conditions that a relatively few people suffer from? Won't they be left behind?

  4. In the last year one emergency physician and three family docs in my area have left practice to start health spas/botox clinics/etc. That I know of personally - there are probably more. When ObamaCare becomes a reality, I only expect this trend to accelerate.

  5. Put your mouths where your mouths are.

    I saw where that career was going, many years ago, while I was still pre-med.

    Hugh Hewitt wants to hear from Docs, all week, so call in and make your case.

  6. Cjrun,
    thanks, was on hold for two hours yesterday with HHewitt, never got on, and since i'm at work i can't call today or tomorrow but you guys can... please make hugh aware of the conservative doctor's blogs out there, this one and the one's linked at right, his telephone number (To call the Hugh Hewitt Show, dial our live on-air phone number at 1-800-520-1234). i'm going to try on friday.