Friday, July 10, 2009

Do as I say, not as I doodoo

Kudos to Rep. John Flemming, M.D. (R) from Louisiana for standing up in front of our House of Representin' (are they really representing us?) and announcing House resolution 615. This calls for all the esteemed members who vote for a government health plan/insurance to also sign up on that plan exclusively. Let's see just how many actually do it. Oh, i'm sure it's fun to vote for all kinds of shit for the masses to subscribe to, then bug off in your Mercedes to your private doc to have that hangnail fixed, but to wait in line behind a 50 year old obese lady with 1 year of "swelling" to her feet in a post-office like atmosphere......HA. Let's see how many vote for that. Representative gov't my ass.

The Demagogues (democrats) have been exploiting the poor and middle class for years and it is time to stop it. Roosevelt knew all you had to do was put out a piece of cheese and the mice would come running, cramming through social security as an INSURANCE plan, and then Johnson hopped on his crippled back with Medicaid and Medicare, initially enrolling 19 million, now combined with over 80 million SUBSCRIBERS. Anyone who has worked in an ED knows that if something is free it will be used and abused with wreckless abandon. That is why we don't take medicaid in my clinic. The waiting room would be packed with low pay/no pays, and I have staff to pay and family to feed. I'll DONATE my own time in the free clinic.

Congressman Wilbur Mills said is best and pulled no punches when he told President Johnson, after the passing of the Medicare bill,.."I think we've got you something that we won't only run on in '66 but we'll run on from here after". Nice. Real nice. Pandering at the sake of posterity.
Medicare's unfunded obligation, with our population aging, is 36 TRILLION. You got 36 TRILLION? I don't have 36 TRILLION.

In sum, I will continue to see patients who will pay me for my expertise, either through private insurance or cash. Eventually I may have to go underground and see only cash patients on the side, but I have no fear there will be plenty of them, and I will be able to keep my income just below whatever punitive level dear leader chairman Maobama decides is a good one.


  1. Please tell me you will be franchising your cash only practice, as we will need it here in the boonies as well...

    Pattie, RN

  2. I hope to franchise at some point. Click on the title of the post to see him speak before congress.

  3. Just keep it cash ONLY (no checks, credit cards etc.) and you can become the Godfather of Medicine.

    Posting Anonymous just in case there are any "revenuers" out there....

  4. I liked that clip so much, I shared it with a few family members. The feedback I received: "I think the Public Option will work out just fine, assuming your pals the ReThugs don't corrupt it 'till it's useless." It's hard being a conservative in my family.

    Keep up the fine work!

  5. It's hard being a conservative anywhere. You've gotta "think" instead of "feel".

  6. shrodinger's cat: When you open a franchise in WA, please announce it!

  7. dear peggyU,
    since you are such a good friend now, maybe we CAN be your virtual doctors. i signed up to be an epxert at 'just ask'.com and I became one but i cant get my mitts on any anwers because the site is FLOODED with people like me who are actually REALLY INTERESTED in anwering complex medial questions for ten bucks. if i can figure out how they got past the legal issue and we can do it then you get free lifetime questions (as long as you are not, you know, CRAYZEE).

  8. "In sum, I will continue to see patients who will pay me for my expertise, either through private insurance or cash. Eventually I may have to go underground..."

    God? Is that you? This Flemming dude rocks! It'll be interesting to see how the douchebags in the House respond...

  9. Flemming followed this up with House resolution 616 which would force all the Democrat jerkoffs who voted for Cap and Trade and are deeply concerned for those two stupid polar bears they keep showing on TV (honestly, what the hell do these representatives and senators think they are doing. I want to just shit in the floor and start slinging it all over the room. Childish, yes. But at this point I don't know what else to do. Maxine Waters is making decisions that will affect my precious kids--Arrrggg) to wear T-shirts that say "I'm a F.A.G." (Follower of Al Gore). They will be forced to wear these shirts at all times, even when CYCLIC global cooling occurs ('member the ice on the Delaware River when Washington crossed, not to mention the cooling over the past 8 years) and their nipples get hard.

  10. That's it, I'm moving the Switzerland.

    They are now the only non-communist country, ON THE PLANET!

  11. SuperBadJack: Not so fast. Switzerland has its issues too. My father-in-law is Swiss. Each time he goes back to visit, he comes back with a story about how much worse it has gotten. I think he spends most of his time arguing with people while he is there.

    Gotta stay with us. Safety in numbers (such as they are)!