Monday, April 12, 2010

Dr. Obama Will See You Now

Yes ma'am, you do have an appointment with the government doctor. Yes ma'am... it's in four months and is in Washington, DC at the former Georgetown University hospital... What's that? You live in Seattle? Well I'm sorry, we had you as living in Washington... What's that? You do live in Washington?? Color me confused! Would you like to keep your appointment or reschedule for the first available in Seattle... Yes ma'am... that would be next May... Hello? Are you there?

Another one... fucking easiest job I've ever had.


  1. Ineligible to receive payments for Medicare or Medicaid patients?

    Not that different than those that are eligible, but receive a pittance for their troubles.

    This could be retitled "Doctor-Owned Hospitals Denied Opportunity to Lose Money."

  2. said you'd destroyed those photos....
    First year in the military got assigned to a God Forsaken Clinic in Dumb-Fuck Egypt...Typical Outpatient Medicine, Hypertensives, Diabetics, 15 yr old Cheerleaders with breast lumps, hey it wasn't ALL bad...:)
    One "Provider" seemed to live under a lucky star, ALL of his patients were 15 yr old Cheerleaders, or 25 year old former 15 year old Cheerleaders, and 1/2 of his patients didn't even show up, some days he'd leave at 11am and just tell the Corpse-man to call him if anyone showed up...
    Found out at the end of the year his wife would call and schedule appointments for inactive patients, they had real names, SSNs, but for whatever reason, never came in...


  3. I've packed my bags and paid a one-way ticket to Mars, where the socialists haven't invaded.

  4. So that's wat it looks like from you angle.

  5. Hmmm...I wonder what would happen if all future ObamaDocs decided to go to the same one week conference on the White House lawn?

  6. MDOD,
    This post exactly coincides with my actual experience with gov't agencies over the past 30 years. The workers have only 2 brain cells, and one is out on a smoking break. The workers have no common sense. I call an agency, they say they put me in the computer, a week later, I call again, I'm not in the computer. Not under my name, not under my SSN, nothing.

    They don't spell peoples' names to double check spellings, they don't double check critical data like Date of Birth, etc.

    And yes, as a kid, I was on Medicaid (the welfare one) and the Medicaid doctors were awful. Even when I made an appointment, and was on time for it (my mom was very punctual), the waits were 1-2 hours AT LEAST. That's where I learned to dislike going to the doctor, they simply weren't on time.

    Gov't agencies have no reason to compete or do better, so they don't improve service. Funding for their agency is based on the economy (mainly) not on service quality.

  7. Great minds think alike.

  8. dear qec,
    may i borrow that cartoon image to replace my hastily done photo shop?

  9. 911DOC,

    I only wish I was half as talented as Mark Harris over at . But he pretty well much summed it up in how those of us that actually give a damn, felt about that abomination of a law passed 3 weeks ago.


  10. p.s.

    The political stuff can be found here: