Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Christmas Wish

I have been given a new lease on life with my job for Uncle Sam. I work side by side with providers who are wearing the uniform, like I used to, and I take care of active duty folks just like they do. Wow, what a difference.

My patients... wow, my patients. Yes there are some 'sick call rangers' out there, but, for the most part, when I see someone and tell them their knee or back is messed up, with rare exception, their first question is, "It's not going to keep me from deploying is it?"

This amazes me so much that I always ask them, "That's great to here, why would it be so bad not to deploy?" (and they are going into the fight). The responses roll out along two basic themes... first and foremost, however, is their desire to be next to their buddies when they need help. This bond is so strong that it actually drives young men and women away from me who, if they were not on active duty, could probably qualify for some disability income and a handicapped parking tag.

Many of my patients and my friends will soon deploy. My Christmas wish is that they might all return safely. And I thank them, every one of them, for helping me find happiness in practicing medicine again. Thank you all. 


  1. Sniff, Sniff,
    Wow, the Army really is different from the Marines, we called em "Sick Call Commando's" not "Rangers", and who wouldn't want to get paid (Tax Free I might add) good money to shoot A-rabs??
    Umm, OK, the money's not really that good, the (Army) Berets look gay, and now the guy sleeping in the bunk next to you can talk about how he's gonna pound his Boyfriends ass instead of his Girlfriends when he gets back to the "World" and you wont even be able to complain or ask for a different bunk without risking a career ending discrimination beef...
    Oh yeah, you still get to shoot A-rabs, I'd consider re-upping myself if it wasn't for that whole Homo thing.
    Much better now though,


  2. frank,
    you slay me. even managed a caddyshack reference in your rant which is an extra three points by the way. and you also made me think that on the drackman globe there are no individual countries to the east of greece and south of russia... probably a huge place called 'A-rab land', and then a picture of the ocean falling off a flat earth with a dragon next to it.

  3. Nice to feel renewed by your job but curiously are you not doing the same thing but only the patients have changed? Will you feel the same if you see homeless vets?

    Holy shit Drackman! Aren't you supposed to be stealing baby Geguses this week for your Satanic candle lighting festivals? I was reading in my latest issue of
    Them Joos are the Cause of Everything Shittty
    and it mentioned that your tribe is trying to destroy Christmas by making us all say Happy Holidays. Oh well, Happy Festivus!

  4. still doing occasional ER shifts but mostly clinic stuff... blessedly boring and regular clinic stuff...

    but your other point is on the money... the main difference to me is that the patients have changed... they have changed from overwhelming me with the incessant, fingers-on-a-chalkboard uber-whine of the entitled, to comforting me with the 'too easy' attitude of most in the military.

  5. 9-11,you mean your not all excited about the AutoZone Liberty Bowl??? I mean who wouldn't wanta spend New Year's Eve in Memphis???? Against that Perenial Superpower UCF!!! Game ends early, you might even make it by Graceland before it closes...
    Oh Well, Guess not everyone's team gets to play in the BCS Title Game...

    Frank "Proud Alumnus of the 2010 BCS Champions" Drackman

  6. I'm so glad to hear that you're happier, 911! Merry Christmas.