Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Sure Hope So

Grumpy may not like this at all, but I do.

I mean, if you hate Maggie Thatcher then you must despise Mr. Churchill. Interesting medical fact, his father, Randolph Churchill, dies of tertiary syphilis, or poisoning from the stuff they used to treat it with (mercurials and the like).  


  1. Don't think we'll be hearing from Grumpy for awhile...
    Even if he wasn't preoccupied in front of the Telly, screaming epithets too vile even for me at industrious Nabibian long distance runners...
    His Country's primitive Internet system is more overloaded than it's NHS...
    "Tertiary Syphillis" oh, you mean "The English Disease" that also claimed George III and would have got John Lenin if that nutjob hadn't got him first.
    Yoko Ono??? and I don't buy the LSD theory, I did a little acid back in the day, and I didn't end up marrying Morticia Adams(Bad anal-ology, Morticia was hot)
    Even if Yoko was a good lay, that screaching voice is a deal-killer...
    And the only event I'm following is the Women's Synchronized French Kissing...
    not on the Olympics, PPV
    Women's Highjumping isn't till August 11th, and they show like 20 seconds of it :(
    Do my comments smell bad or something?
    Cause I'm gonna keep makin em till someone else does...
    SCRN? your dream Girl-Girl-French-Kissing-Team??
    I'm sorta partial to Jessica(s)Alba/Beal


  2. Actually, I was out doing a little gardening and wouldn't ya know, the house frau a few yards over whom I have never met was sitting on her front steps videoing me. Can house fraus even be lesbians? Creep me out. Thank God they're moving and haven't lived here more than a year. I mean it's enough to have lawn care guys stop and watch me bring in the groceries.

    Anyway, I thought the Yoko Ono comment was funny :)


  3. Umm Ok, your borderline creepy lesbian story isn't quite what I was lookin for...
    it's like a Parlor Game, Colonel Mustard with a (Knife/Gun/Candlestick) etc etc
    except you pick 2 hot chicks, same first name(thats the hard part)
    lets see,
    Natalie Portman/Merchant
    Scarlett Johannsen/Keegan
    I know, Scarlett WHO?
    You know, the chick I've worn callusses on my calluses, re-watching her best scenes over and over..
    No, not "Lost in Translation"
    the "Uncredited Fiddle Player" in "Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox story"


  4. Wanna know where Grumpy could be tonight? Olympic Opening Ceremony participant. Grumpy, did you do it?


  5. Nah! Too busy having a few beers to watch out for the Air France stewards and stewardesses. Oh sorry, meant team USA but I still want to ask for a drink when I see them.
    Trouble with Churchill is that he had an American mother who probably gave the syphilis to his father.
    According to one source, his family tree can be linked to George Herbert Walker Bush and son.

  6. SCRN, tickets for the opening ceremony - if you could get one - started off priced at £2012 roughly $3100. I know we are overpaid in the NHS but even I would not pay that.

  7. I guess you didn't watch the big part about your health system - had doctors and nurses in the performance.


  8. No missed most of it. Saw Muhammad Ali and the lighting of the cauldron.
    Have looked at a bit on Youtube - interesting, nurses dressed in 1950's uniforms like something from 'Carry on Nurse'. Nice to be represented as professional, educated people.

  9. Watevah Grumpy, keep rockin that Andy Cap Cap...
    and what was the name of that snotty Englishman Ali beat like an insolent child back when he still went by the coolest name ever, Cassius Clay???
    and is it wrong I found myself rooting for the Croatian women's basketball team?...and no, Sabina our hot Bosnian housekeeper has the weekend off...
    and if nobody else will play my game, I'll play with myself..
    Amanda(s) Knox/Bynes!