Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Can I Add? Nothing! I See Nothing! (updated 2/24)

The Canuck's know the deal. Obama is increasingly becoming a person who would be better pictured with a riding crop and a monocle.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

(Colonel Klink played by Werner Klemperer, and the series produced by... drum roll please... Bing Crosby)


  1. Blunting the Costs of Healthcare Reform

    Quip: Healthcare reform is going to be great and less expensive. That is why we senators are excluding ourselves, federal workers, unions, and the people and political players in our own states.

    Powerful senators want healthcare "reform" for the nation, so long as it doesn't disadvantage themselves or the people who support or vote for them.

    Either most US senators are smarter than those in Canada, or the US political system is more corrupt and imperial.

  2. Dumbass, it was Oberfeldwebel(Sergeant) Schultz who said " I Hear Nutt-ing I See Nutt-ing I Know Nutt-ing!!!!"
    All Colonel Klink said was (Ho-gannnnnnnnnnnnn)
    Then there was Klink's Boss, General Burkhalter, who just coincidentally looked like my Cadaver in Gross Anatomy.
    My Fave was Major Hochstetter, the Gestapo Agent, and strangely enough, the only German Character who wasn't Jewish in real life...


  3. Good grief, where are the Canuks going to come when Obama ruins our healthcare? Come to think of it, where will WE go?

  4. Frank,
    give me a bit of credit for poetic license. I know Schultz said "I see nothing", that he was easily bribed with apple strudel, and that Klink was terrifie of Major Hostetler.

  5. You left out Helga ...

  6. can anyone out there photoshop obama into
    Klink's Vermacht uniform with moncole and riding crop? it would be so cool... might even rival the obama 'socialiasm' 'joker' poster.

  7. and what was the name of the fraulein at the hofbrau in town? she reminded me of ellie may clampet.

  8. Hilda, played by Sigrid Valdis, who was Bob Crane's wife in real life.

  9. 911, your p-shop suggestion inspired a different thought in me, a SNL skit we would never see.

    Picture Family Feud (Richard Dawkins hosting, of course), and it's the Palin Family, against the Obama Family!

    The premise would be that even a toddling Trig could come up with an answer that at least scored a point or two on the Survey, but no Obama Family member could come up with an answer that the Survey or audience related to. Food question? Obama Family: Arugula! Low Fat! Organic! (Obama Family Jumping and clapping). Of course, the Palin Family would answer: Pizza! Lasagna! and the audience would agree and big points would be earned. Trig would say "Mommy!," and the audience would groan, but the judges would award a point because the Survey Said...Sarah Palin's breasts! Also, imagine the conflicting answers on a topic related to Crime and Punishment. MDODers, throw out your ideas for the answers given by the two families, between giggles, for that and other questions asked.

    It would be comedy gold, which is why SNL won't do it.

  10. The majority of Americans voted Obama in. So when they get crappy healthcare via his bill, they deserve it. Suck it down, America.

  11. Lighten up, Scirpus. We don't even give a grade of C to people that can only earn a 52 on a test. I don't allow my region or my country to be run by people that get the answer wrong thirty percent of the time, which is to say C students.

    I don't suck it down and am sorry you, as a plant, have no backbone.